HIPAA Privacy Rule Update Extreme Risk Protection Orders

Best HIPAA Compliant Email Encryption Services

You are aware of the significance of adhering to the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act if you operate in the healthcare industry (HIPAA).

You’re also presumably aware that HIPAA regulations apply to all corporate communications, including email.

In order to safeguard your business and your patients’ privacy, it is crucial that you invest in a HIPAA-compliant email solution.

We’ll examine some of the top HIPAA-compliant email service providers available right now in this blog post.

 1. Egress

Machine learning and E2EE are used by the UK-based encrypted email service operator Egress to deliver security that has been approved by both the government and the private sector.

Egress Protect, a HIPAA-compliant email service, encrypts data in transit and at rest using AES-256 bit technology. To govern how receivers use shared data, revoke access, or modify access rights in real time, Egress Protect gives users complete revocation options.

Users can also design unique email security policies and have them automatically implemented. Egress Protect has received numerous security certifications from the government and the business world.

2. Virtru

Virtru is an add-on for popular email services like Gmail and Microsoft email that provides end-to-end encryption.

You can use their software to encrypt data in order to comply with HIPAA regulations and to manage who can view the content you send. This implies that users don’t need to change their email service providers or workflow to comply with HIPAA.

3. Paubox

Paubox effortlessly encrypts emails without requiring you to learn a new software platform, similar to Virtru. Paubox connects with popular business email services like G Suite and Office 365 directly, allowing users to send and reply to emails in a way that is fully encrypted and HIPAA compliant.

HIPAA Privacy Rule Update Extreme Risk Protection Orders

This is superior to a plugin that sits on top of your email. You don’t require any additional logins, portals, buttons, or new apps when using Paubox.

4. NeoCertified

Since 2002, NeoCertified has provided industrial-strength security and encryption. By integrating Outlook or using its secure portal, it offers HIPAA-compliant solutions.

NeoCertified is a stand-alone product, in contrast to the other choices, which function as an add-on or plugin. This could be advantageous for businesses who choose to continue with a niche platform and don’t already use a large email service.

5. Aspida Mail

Aspida Mail directs users to a secure site where patients can check in and verify their identification in order to give HIPAA-compliant email.

Aspida takes pride in making the changeover process simple and easy while being extremely compatible with the services you presently use.

6. Protected Trust

You can send HIPAA-compliant email using Outlook and a few other specific Windows programmes thanks to Protected Trust. Through its web portal, Protected Trust can be accessed from any device. For added accessibility, it also offers a mobile app and printer drivers.

7. MailHippo

Medical organisations can send HIPAA-compliant emails to patients and other approved recipients using MailHippo. During registration, MailHippo issues a business associate agreement and ensures the security of ePHI.

Due to the platform’s complete responsiveness, it also provides a smooth user experience between mobile and desktop.